Streamline the management of your pharmacy

Dispense, order, collaborate and manage your pharmacy with ease, so you can focus on your role as a health adviser, thanks to Pharmony One software.

Pharmony One is a powerful, rapid, easy to use dispensing tool that you can personalise to meet your needs.

It is also the only pharmacy management software to offer a vision of collaboration between pharmacists.

Pharmony ONE solution

Management tools

Manage your stock and dispensing and centralise your wholesaler and laboratory orders with an easy-to-use interface.

Traçabilité de Pharmony


Complete traceability of stock, customer and staff information.


Recherche de produits sous Pharmony

Product search

List or visual grid display thanks to integrated MEDIPIM database.


Pharmony in touch


Place your PharminTouch orders directly from the platform.


Ease of use


Designed for user-friendliness.

02  ErgonomiC

An interface that adapts to any screen.

03  Multi-plateform

Works on PC, Mac, iOS and Android tablets.

Pharmony One sur Ipad

“ThePharmony team is friendly, responsive and very helpful. They helped me to install machines remotely. It’s a pleasure to work with software that is ahead of the game and constantly evolving.

— Paul Meurant, Meurant Pharmacy, Havré

Benefits of the Cloud

Thanks to the magic of the Cloud, an internet connection enables you to connect to Pharmony One and manage your orders, prescriptions and support team at any time, from anywhere.


Using the Cloud means avoiding an expensive server that requires lots of energy, significant maintenance and inconvenient back-ups.


In addition to avoiding hardware failures and data loss, the Cloud guarantees you are using the latest version of the software thanks to continuous updates.

Le Cloud de Pharmony


The Cloud guarantees complete security for your data, as it is protected on redundant servers under 24h surveillance.


Noticed a product pricing error? Report it via the interface. After checking, the information will be updated instantly for all our customers.

Successful collaboration

It’s never been easier for pharmacists to collaborate.

Collaborateurs avec Pharmony

Send an invitation to a colleague using Pharmony One to collaborate quickly and easily. With just a click, share classifications, exchange products, place a bulk order, share complex requests… and much more.

Commandes groupées sur Pharmony


Place bulk orders with a ‘guest’ pharmacist or externally (lab, nursing home, etc.)


Personnalisation du logiciel Pharmony


Customise screens for each active user with a simple drag-and-drop mini-file function.


Ouverture aux tiers sur Pharmony

Third-party access

Open your platform to third parties (nursing homes, accountants), according to your needs.


L'union des groupements sur Pharmony

Unity makes strength

Do you own more than one pharmacy? Pharmony One has been designed to optimise the management of pharmacy chains and groups, however big they are!

01. Pharmacy data centralisation in real time.

02. Management of bulk orders with Pharmony or external partners.

03. Administrative group management: inventory, cash registers, invoicing, etc.

Manage your pharmacy with Pharmony One

Find out now why more and more pharmacies every month are choosing to work with Pharmony One.

Get to know our additional solutions


One Unit

One Unit is an additional unit, fully integrated into the Pharmony One pharmacy management solution, which enables complete management of unit pricing, automated or manual.



Companion is a multifunctional app designed for users of Pharmony One. Always at hand, it simplifies the day-to-day management of your pharmacy.



One Warehouse is a warehouse management module capable of managing grouped orders, re-invoicing in pharmacies or external customers with the same efficiency.